Onno Schwanen

Freelance Front-end developer

Amsterdam based Front-end Developer & Founder with 15 years of experience, who's enthusiastic about working on the intersection of design and engineering, and aims to create products that empower people.

Freelance Front-end developer

For the first project, design studio Pizza Pizza hired me to work on an MVP for one of their clients. The stack for that project consisted of NextJS, Sanity.io, Stitches, Radix-UI & React-Query.

Open to new remote and on-site collaborations.

Logo and screen of Tempo

Co-founder & CEO of Tempo

Tempo was the email client that helps you focus. A joint venture between the startup studio Founders and product studio Pillar. It turned into a SaaS startup, backed by Founders and BoostVC, with a remote team of 8 people, offering customers an app for macOS and iOS.

For the first two years (under Pillar), I was the sole front-end developer and responsible for the front-end of the macOS app. For the last two years, I was the CEO and responsible for short and long-term strategy and project management to hiring.

Tech stack consisted of Electron, ReactJS, Redux, Jest & Storybook.

Logo of Pillar

Co-founder & Front-end developer of Pillar

Pillar was a two-person product development studio that I co-founded with Henrique Ferreira, creating refined and reliable software, ranging from websites to desktop applications.

In our projects my focus was on the front-end and UX, while Henrique focussed on the back-end and infrastructure. We worked for clients among creative agency B-Reel, creative business school Hyper Island, B2B fashion brand Hakro, and startup Wandlabs (acquired by Microsoft).

Tech stack often consisted of ReactJS, Styled-JSX, Redux, MongoDB & Storybook.

Snapshot of my freelance work from 2013

Freelance Front-end developer

I worked for clients across the globe, including design studio Bleed, interaction design studio IXDS (acquired by PwC), agency Sid Lee, and enterprise-focused tech company Kenzan Media.

Tech stack varied from Vanilla JS, jQuery, Bootstrap to Middleman.

Sid Lee logo

Flash developer at Sid Lee

I joined creative agency Sid Lee at their headquarters in Montreal. As a Flash developer, I built rich interactive experiences for clients among Adidas, Kraft Foods (see project Philadelphia Cooking School) and Canadian television network TVA (see project Yoopa).

Freelance designer and developer

I offered design, front- and back-end development services as a freelancer during and after my studies. The work mainly consisted of developing campaign sites, a CD-ROM app, and a PHP-based CMS.

BA in Communication & Multimedia Design

CMD was a broad and practical study that combines communication, design and technology. Subjects matters ranged from marketing, audio to design. I interned at an animation studio, where I also completed my graduation project in the final year.