Amsterdam based Front-end Developer & Founder with 15 years of experience, who's enthusiastic about working on the intersection of design and engineering, and aims to create products that empower people.

Freelance Front-end developer

For Pizza Pizza, a product design studio based in Berlin, I worked for 3 months on an MVP for a new brand called Assembly, which lets customers engineer their garments. The tech stack consisted of ReactJS, NextJS,, Stitches, Radix-UI & React-Query.

At Nationale-Nederlanden, I worked for 10 months in the team that helps homeowners make their home more sustainable. The tech stack consisted of ReactJS, Gatsby, Material-UI and Salesforce.

Logo and screen of Tempo

Co-founder & CEO of Tempo

Tempo was the email client that helps you focus. A joint venture between the startup studio Founders and product studio Pillar. It turned into a SaaS startup, backed by Founders and BoostVC, with a remote team of 8 people, offering customers an app for macOS and iOS.

For the first two years (under Pillar), I was the sole front-end developer and responsible for the front-end of the macOS app. For the last two years, I was the CEO and responsible for strategy, project management, hiring, etc. together with the other co-founders.

Tech stack consisted of Electron, ReactJS, Redux, Jest & Storybook.

Logo of Pillar

Co-founder & Front-end developer of Pillar

Pillar was a two-person product development studio that I co-founded with Henrique Ferreira, creating refined and reliable software, ranging from websites to desktop applications.

We built a voting application for Google, a marketing platform for Zalando, a tool to measure an organisation its transformation readiness for Hyper Island, among other solutions.

Tech stack consisted of ReactJS, Styled-JSX, Redux, MongoDB & Storybook.

Snapshot of my freelance work from 2013

Freelance Front-end developer

I worked for clients across the globe, including design studio Bleed, interaction design studio IXDS (acquired by PwC), agency Sid Lee, and enterprise-focused tech company Kenzan Media.

Tech stack varied from Vanilla JS, jQuery, Bootstrap to Middleman.

Sid Lee logo

Flash developer at Sid Lee

I joined creative agency Sid Lee at their headquarters in Montreal. As a Flash developer, I built rich interactive experiences for clients among Adidas, Kraft Foods (see project Philadelphia Cooking School) and Canadian television network TVA (see project Yoopa).

Freelance designer and developer

I offered design, front- and back-end development services as a freelancer during and after my studies. The work mainly consisted of developing campaign sites, a CD-ROM app, and a PHP-based CMS.

BA in Communication & Multimedia Design

CMD was a broad and practical study that combines communication, design and technology. Subjects matters ranged from marketing, audio to design. I interned at an animation studio, where I also completed my graduation project in the final year.